Listen to the people first: Suidani

Road block at the Kukum area yesterday. PHOTO: William Ekotani
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PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani wants the Prime Minister to address the demands of the people before he can make a call for peace.

Speaking to the local media in Auki yesterday, Premier Suidani said the situation in Honiara now needs national leaders of parties involved to come down and talk to the people and not run-away from them

“The people are there with their demand, and they want response from the Prime Minister or cabinet on their demand,” he said.

The Premier said he has been continouously bombarded with calls from leaders in Honiara to help calm the situation, but his question to them remains, “who are you?”

“These people come to you as their representatives on the national level, they voted you, just the same as they voted me to be their representative at the provincial level.

“And the issue is directed at you and not me, so it would be appropriate in my view for national members to address the issue and not to run-away from it,” he said.

Suidani said even if he makes a call to calm the situation it won’t work as people will turn on him, because the peoples’ demand is not directed at him.

He said the situation faced now has risen from the Prime Minister and cabinet’s continues tactic of evading people’s demand which has turned into frustration.

“Like every time they go to meet with the PM about their petitions, he avoided them and directed his staff to meet with the people,” Suidani said.

Suidani said the Prime Minister forgot that he is the leader of this country and of these people, so as a leader he must at all time see to the needs of the people when they want to talk to him.

“Everytime, I make calls the national government didn’t listen, now they come to you and it’s your time to deal with them.

“So I want to see if you can address them and I will call for peace, because even if I make a call now it won’t work unless you address their demand first.

“With that I call on PM that if the people wants you to resign, you resign!

“These are the people you lead and if they no longer have the confidence on you, step-down and people will calm down,” he said.

Suidani said this is the only solution to calm down the situation so that it will allow people to choose a government of their choice.

On that note, he called on Malaitan MPs in the DCGA to come out of their hide-outs and talk to the people they represent, otherwise resign from DCGA.

“And my call is for nine Malaitan MPs in the DCGA to resign now so that it would help in addressing the current situation,” he said.