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SIEC releases list of 2019 NGE candidates with accepted Statements of Account



THE much awaited list of 2019 NGE candidates who had submitted their Statements of Account to the Electoral Commission (SIEC) is now available for public to see.

A total of 270 candidates are listed along with the dates they submitted their statements.

250 candidates submitted on time, therefore are safe from the $20,000-penalty for late submission.

67 candidates submitted late after the July-20 deadline, and are liable to pay the $20,000 penalty plus $100 for each day they delayed after July 20 (Some of them are not on the list).

Three candidates’ statements were rejected by the SIEC as incomplete, hence are required to re-submit theirs.

It is understood that this means 14 candidates have not yet submitted their statements.

One candidate in the list is deceased, the Late Charles Jordan Maefai, who was the MP for East Makira.

The List was uploaded on Tuesday night onto the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) website.

SIEC’s Commissioner and Chief Electoral officer (CEO) Mr Mose Saitala is calling for the remaining candidates who have not submitted their campaign statements to file them as soon as possible in order for the daily $100-fine to cease.

If not then the fine will continue to accumulate till the candidates are prosecuted and penalised.

On their website, SIEC commends the candidates mentioned in the List taking the opportunity to thank all those who have complied with section 69 of the Electoral Act 2018.

“Although some candidates have filed their statements of account later than the deadline of 20th July 2019, SIEC is still appreciative of the fact that they have complied with section 69 of the Act.

“SIEC encourages all candidates, whose names are not on the List, to take immediate steps to complete and file their statements of account (on the approved Form) relating to expenses they used for their campaign and the sources of those funds.

“Remember that the obligation of a candidate, who contested the 2019 NGE, to comply with section 69 of the Act, will not go away until he/she has filed his/her statement of account,” says SIEC’s Commissioner.

2019 NGE Election results were published on April 19 seeing July 20 was when the 90 days period given for submission of statements of account lapsed.

It is a requirement under the electoral law (Section 69 of the Electoral Act 2018) that all candidates, successful and unsuccessful, must file their campaign Statement of Account 90 days after the publication of NGE election results.

Under Section 69 on campaign expenses in the Electoral Act 2018, it states;

  1. Within 90 days after the publication of an election result under section 107, a candidate in the election must submit to the CEO a statement of account specifying:

(a) All expenses incurred by the candidate in relation to the candidate’s campaign for election; and (b) the source of all funds (including the amount received from each source) used to meet those expenses.

  1. The regulations may make provision for the preparation and content of the statement of account.

Under Section 125; Campaign expenses and donations:

(1) A candidate whose election campaign expenses exceed $500,000 commits and offence.

Maximum Penalty: 50,000 penalty units or 5 years imprisonment, or both.

(2) A candidate who fails to comply with the requirements of section 69 commits an offence.

Maximum Penalty:

(a) 20,000 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment, or both; and

(b) 100 penalty units for each day the offence continues.

(3) A candidate commits an offence if the candidate accepts a campaign donation from:

(a) A person who is not a citizen of Solomon Islands; or

(b) A company with at least one shareholder who is not a citizen of Solomon Islands.

Maximum Penalty: 50,000 penalty units or 5 years imprisonment, or both.

(4) In this section, “campaign donation” means any transfer of property made, otherwise than by will, without consideration or with inadequate consideration that is intended to be used, or is used, solely or substantially for a purpose related to an election.

With anticipation to see this List since last week, the general public and citizens of Solomon Islands will now have the chance know which candidates complied with the Electoral Act, and which candidates have not and are still yet to do so.

See below for the list.

No.Candidate NamesName of ConstituencyDate Submitted
1Tommy TAGILINorth Malaita15/04/2019
2Stephen PANGANorth Guadalcanal16/04/2019
3Wilson TANGADAENANorth Guadalcanal8/05/2019
4BaoroLaxton KORAUASouth Choiseul9/05/2019
5Dr. Judson Lee LEAFASIALau Mbaelelea15/05/2019
6Hon. Dickson MUASavo/Russells16/05/2019
7Hon. Silas Kerry Vaoara TAUSINGAWest New Georgia &VonaVona21/05/2019
8Evan GEREAEast Malaita24/05/2019
9Harry PHILIPLau Mbaelelea27/05/2019
10Andrew L MUATemotu Vatud28/05/2019
11Fredrick Noel DOUGLASNgella30/05/2019
12James BONUNGATemotu Pele31/05/2019
13William BAEFUAEast Malaita13/06/2019
14Alfred GHIROEast Makira14/06/2019
15John Daubo TAFIIRUWest Kwaio18/06/2019
16Milner TOZAKANorth Vella La Vella18/06/2019
17Fred Nguiburi SAEGAWest Kwaio24/06/2019
18Hon. Jeremiah MANELEHograno/Kia/Havulei24/06/2019
19Rinaldo ALEADALOWest Kwaio24/06/2019
20George SENISINorth Malaita24/06/2019
21Hon. Titus FIKAWest Kwaio25/06/2019
22Hon. John Moffat FUGUICentral Honiara25/06/2019
23Hon. Rick Nelson HouenipwelaSmall Malaita25/06/2019
24Andrew ManeporaáEast Are’Are27/06/2019
25Connelly SANDAKABATUNorth West Choiseul28/06/2019
26Alick HAGICentral Kwara’ae1/07/2019
27Hon. Manasseh MaelangaEast Malaita1/07/2019
28Finley FIUMAEEast Malaita1/07/2019
29William HAOMAESmall Malaita1/07/2019
30Jackson KILOESouth Choiseul1/07/2019
31Billy VEOWest New Georgia &VonaVona1/07/2019
32Adrian TONIGao/Bugotu1/07/2019
33Hon. Peter Kenilorea JnrEast Are’Are2/07/2019
34Mary ALALOTemotu Vatud2/07/2019
35Justin MUTUKERARannogga/Simbo3/07/2019
36Gabriel Kwanae SURIBaegu/Asifola3/07/2019
37Hon. Bartholomew PARAPOLONgella4/07/2019
38Hon. Augustine Auga-MAEUELau Mbaelelea4/07/2019
39Hon. Clezy RORENorth Vella La Vella4/07/2019
40John KWAITAWest Honiara5/07/2019
41Abednigo MAEOHUSmall Malaita5/07/2019
42Hon. Senley Levi FIULUALEANorth Malaita5/07/2019
43Hon. Namson TRANWest Honiara5/07/2019
44Solomon Mamaloni JnrWest Makira5/07/2019
45Hon. Rexon Annex RAMOFAFIAFataleka7/07/2019
46Tome TARASISIOSavo/Russells7/07/2019
47Frank KONAIRARALau Mbaelelea9/07/2019
48Eric George ONGOALau Mbaelelea10/07/2019
49Hon. Mathew Cooper WALEAoke/Langalanga10/07/2019
50Hon. Nestor GHIROCentral Makira11/07/2019
51Elsie Maesui DIRIMAEWest Makira12/07/2019
52John Alfred M. TAUSULIAWest Kwara’ae12/07/2019
53Peter Thompson USUMAECentral Makira12/07/2019
54Selina BERAHWest Guadalcanal12/07/2019
55Agnes GAOTEENorth Malaita12/07/2019
56Michael MAINATemotu Pele12/07/2019
57Johnson Pita SOKENISouth Choiseul13/07/2019
58Glen Waneta ALIFEONorth Malaita14/07/2019
59Sam L ALASIACentral Honiara15/07/2019
60Hon. Samuel MANETOALIGao/Bugotu15/07/2019
61Robert HOURAMOWest Kwaio15/07/2019
62Clera Gore RIKIMANICentral Kwara’ae15/07/2019
63Francis Peter PARASouth Guadalcanal15/07/2019
64Stanley MAETAOHAUlawa/Ugi15/07/2019
65Alfred Solomon SASAKOEast Kwaio15/07/2019
66Jocabeth VARI MANEIRIACentral Guadalcanal15/07/2019
67John GIRIFIONAWest Kwaio15/07/2019
68Wendy Vahoe AmangongoMalaita Outer Islands15/07/2019
69Hon. Ishmael Mali AVUIEast Central Guadalcanal15/07/2019
70Ghavea Barbi MANENorth Guadalcanal15/07/2019
71John DAUFANAMAEWest Kwaio15/07/2019
72Polycarp HAUNUNUUlawa/Ugi15/07/2019
73Hon. Anthony Kamutulaka VekeWest Guadalcanal15/07/2019
74Hon.Robertson GALOKALESouth Choiseul15/07/2019
75Snyder RINIMarovo15/07/2019
76Hon. Jackson FIULAUACentral Kwara’ae15/07/2019
77Clay Forau SOALAOITemotu Vatud15/07/2019
79James T. ToraUlawa/Ugi15/07/2019
80Ross SIOSIFataleka16/07/2019
81Caroline Laore CORAEShortlands16/07/2019
82Dr. Derek SIKUANorth East Guadalcanal16/07/2019
83Nanette Anne TUTUASouth Choiseul16/07/2019
84James APANIAIWest Honiara16/07/2019
85Hon. John MANENIARUWest Are’ Are16/07/2019
86Hon. Lanelle Olandrea TANANGADAGizo/Kolombangara16/07/2019
87Chris WATESmall Malaita16/07/2019
88Hon. John Deane KUKUNorth New Georgia16/07/2019
89Hon. Bradley TOVOSIAEast Guadalcanal16/07/2019
90Hon. Jamie Lency VOKIANorth East Guadalcanal16/07/2019
91Ellen Inahia MARUAROFAWest Honiara16/07/2019
92Bishop George A. TAKELIUlawa/Ugi16/07/2019
93Hon. Freda Tuki AB SoriacomuaTemotu Vatud16/07/2019
94Francis LOMOWest Kwara’ae16/07/2019
95Nelly Mabulou NORITemotu Pele16/07/2019
96Elijah ASILAUABaegu/Asifola16/07/2019
97Hon. Douglas ETEEast Honiara17/07/2019
98Hensol Siribau KIKONorth West Choiseul17/07/2019
99Hon. Manasseh D. SOGAVAREEast Choiseul17/07/2019
100Everlyn Thugea TAUTAINorth Guadalcanal17/07/2019
101Albert FONONorth West Guadalcanal17/07/2019
102Francis Iro OTAINAOSavo/Russells17/07/2019
103Lazarus Alfred RinahEast Central Guadalcanal17/07/2019
104Tobias VERABOLAEast Guadalcanal17/07/2019
105Edward KOLOHIAMalaita Outer Islands17/07/2019
106Leslie Tarzan HOLOSIVIMalaita Outer Islands17/07/2019
107Clay Hugo KAHANOMalaita Outer Islands17/07/2019
108Cathy Launa NORIMaringe/Kokota17/07/2019
109Robert IROGABaegu/Asifola17/07/2019
110Hon. Danny PHILIPSouth New Georgia17/07/2019
111Harry Tobi SinauWest Kwaio17/07/2019
112Hon. Peter Shanel AGOVAKACentral Guadalcanal17/07/2019
113Andrew HanariaEast Honiara18/07/2019
114Rev. Davidson NgwaeramoWest Kwara’ae18/07/2019
115Hon. Christopher LAOREShortlands18/07/2019
116Benedict GARIMANENorth Guadalcanal18/07/2019
117Steward Polycarp NOHOLIAMalaita Outer Islands18/07/2019
118Oliver SalopukaSavo/Russells18/07/2019
119Walter FOLOTALUEast Honiara18/07/2019
120Ezra KUKUTIEast Choiseul18/07/2019
121Robert Maemae MANIEast Honiara18/07/2019
122Benedict TOVAEast Guadalcanal18/07/2019
123Steve Jerrad LAOREShortlands18/07/2019
124Hon. Harry KUMANorth West Choiseul18/07/2019
125Clement Koóba OIKALIWest Kwara’ae18/07/2019
126Alick MAEABACentral Kwara’ae18/07/2019
127Alfred EFONACentral Honiara18/07/2019
128Jonathan ZAMA AQARAOSouth New Georgia18/07/2019
129Francis John ZAMAWest New Georgia &VonaVona18/07/2019
130Philip Pitakoe BAVARESouth Choiseul18/07/2019
131Rev. MichaEl MAELAUEast Honiara18/07/2019
132Edwin Aldrin AWAOLISmall Malaita18/07/2019
133John Perakana PALMERMaringe/Kokota18/07/2019
134Moffat RAMOFAFIAFataleka18/07/2019
135Gordon Darcy LILOGizo/Kolombangara18/07/2019
136Buddy W. NOA’MASANUSavo/Russells19/07/2019
137Gary K. FAÁITOACentral Honiara19/07/2019
138John TALUNAGOSavo/Russells19/07/2019
139Jimmy LUSIBAEANorth Malaita19/07/2019
140Reuben TOVUTOVUEast Central Guadalcanal19/07/2019
141Joseph HAGINgella19/07/2019
142Elijah Doro MualaSouth Choiseul19/07/2019
143Joyce Edaosi KONOFILIAEast HONIARA19/07/2019
144Hon. William Bradford MARAUUlawa/Ugi19/07/2019
145Alex LionalQoraSouth Vella La Vella19/07/2019
146Dick Inoana HAÁMORIWest Makira19/07/2019
147Diki Joses KOLOSUEast Kwaio19/07/2019
148Hon. Tautai AGIKIMUA KAITUURennell Bellona19/07/2019
149Patricia Mae Sabana DALLUWest Kwaio19/07/2019
150Hon. Duddley KOPUTemotu Pele19/07/2019
151David DevaSouth Choiseul19/07/2019
152Hon. Chachabule Rebi AmoiMarovo19/07/2019
153Lloyd TAHANIWest Makira19/07/2019
154George TEMEHUAWest New Georgia &VonaVona19/07/2019
155Frank AOTEECentral Honiara19/07/2019
156Jimmy StanleyRANNOGGA/SIMBO19/07/2019
157Peter Sone FORAUWest Honiara19/07/2019
158JOHN Peter TINONISavo/Russells19/07/2019
159Hon. Stanley Festus SOFUEast Kwaio19/07/2019
160Francis SISIMIAEast Kwaio19/07/2019
161Timon SINAVATemotu Vatud19/07/2019
162Hon. Charles SIGOTORannogga/simbo19/07/2019
163Bobby KellyWest Kwaio19/07/2019
164Henry Tasz TOBANINorth east Guadalcanal19/07/2019
165Loloma PABULUEast Choiseul19/07/2019
166Wilson Karamui BUGOTUGao/Bugotu19/07/2019
167James Ronnie KABOKEEast Choiseul19/07/2019
168Seth GUKUNARennell Bellona19/07/2019
169Eric Moses TEMACentral Honiara19/07/2019
170Peter RAMOHIAWest Are’ Are19/07/2019
171Bouriki TANIANASouth Choiseul19/07/2019
172David Talbert DIOSICentral Kwara’ae19/07/2019
173Ruddy Schlieffen OTITemotu Nende19/07/2019
174Choylin Yim DOUGLASNgella19/07/2019
175Walton NAEZONCentral Guadalcanal19/07/2019
176Tommy MANAWest Makira19/07/2019
177Hon.Makario TAGINIBaegu/Asifola19/07/2019
178Drummond Tupe VAEATemotu Pele19/07/2019
179Luke MANIFataleka19/07/2019
180Goldie Obed KAEAEast Makira19/07/2019
181Gwen RATUNorth Guadalcanal19/07/2019
182Fredrick Atomea KWANAIRARANorth Malaita19/07/2019
183Kenneth George NGINABULENorth New Georgia19/07/2019
184Patrick SAVUSI (Jnr)East Guadalcanal19/07/2019
185Douglas YEETemotu Pele19/07/2019
186Ernest KOLLYGao/Bugotu19/07/2019
187Redlee AUSOPAMaringe/Kokota19/07/2019
188Robert Gideon LAFISIWest Kwara’ae19/07/2019
189Hon. Dr Culwick TOGAMANAMaringe/Kokota19/07/2019
190Slayde W EHAKENIWest Are’ Are19/07/2019
191Andrew Issac NALUATemotu Nende19/07/2019
192Selestino SOLOSAIAEast Guadalcanal19/07/2019
193James MANEBOSAEast Central Guadalcanal19/07/2019
194Dickson KAEHUNAWest New Georgia &VonaVona19/07/2019
195Collin SINGAMOANARennell Bellona19/07/2019
196Cypriano NUAKESavo/Russells19/07/2019
197Gideon ROWWest MAKIRA19/07/2019
198Tozen LEOKANASouth Choiseul20/07/2019
199Baulo John HUGOSavo/Russells20/07/2019
200Varian LONAMEIMaringe/Kokota20/07/2019
201Daniel Tanochoki SioGao/Bugotu20/07/2019
202Maxwell BANYOTemotu Nende20/07/2019
203Moses GARUWest Guadalcanal20/07/2019
204Roy Jahdiel FUNUEast Malaita20/07/2019
205Michael TOKIIEast Are’Are20/07/2019
206Robert AbenihaáWest Makira20/07/2019
207Allan KEMAKEZANorth West Guadalcanal20/07/2019
208Martin Micah KARANIEast Makira20/07/2019
209Elison Lade ELIFIUFataleka20/07/2019
210Sophia Munamua CHONICNorth West Guadalcanal20/07/2019
211Hon. Heinz Horst BODO DETTKENorth West Guadalcanal20/07/2019
212Robert Henry RATAUlawa/Ugi20/07/2019
213John KOUNINgella20/07/2019
214Rose ANILABATACentral Honiara20/07/2019
215Julie Gegeu HAROCentral Honiara20/07/2019
216Martin SOPAGENorth Guadalcanal20/07/2019
217Atabani TAHUMarovo20/07/2019
218Alfred Manengelea LOVANITILANorth East Guadalcanal20/07/2019
219Billy MAECentral Honiara20/07/2019
220David FARADATOLOAoke/LangaLanga20/07/2019
221Selwyn AKAOWest Honiara20/07/2019
222Fox Henry QWAINAEast Makira20/07/2019
223Kennedy HODAWest Makira20/07/2019
224Derick PEPERESavo/Russells20/07/2019
225Billy TITIULUUlawa/Ugi20/07/2019
226Vincent Anisi TALUABURIAoke/LangaLanga20/07/2019
227John Selwyn VASUNINgella20/07/2019
228Lawinter KIILau Mbaelelea20/07/2019
229Michael MAESUGEAWest Kwaio20/07/2019
230Hon. Sam Shemuel IDURIWest Kwara’ae20/07/2019
231Sam Affirua TARAVASATemotu Vatud20/07/2019
232David Dauwabo PALAPUTemotu Pele20/07/2019
233Jerry PAKIVAISouth Choiseul20/07/2019
234JACKSON GEGEWest Kwaio20/07/2019
235Mamu Hebala PAZAWest New Georgia &VonaVona20/07/2019
236Derick Kodo KOLINAHIGAGao/Bugotu20/07/2019
237David TOMEBaegu/Asifola20/07/2019
238Peter Isaac QOTSOCentral Guadalcanal20/07/2019
239Joseph DOUGLASCentral Honiara20/07/2019
240Hon. Rollen SELESOSouth Guadalcanal20/07/2019
241Tesau MUAKITANGATARennell Bellona20/07/2019
242George SOLINGI LILOSouth New Georgia20/07/2019
243Steve ABANAFataleka20/07/2019
244Giles Brunox FORAUTemotu Vatud20/07/2019
245Walter KOLATemotu Nende20/07/2019
246Hon. Commins Aston MEWATemotu Nende20/07/2019
247Catherine ADIFAKACentral Honiara20/07/2019
248Hon. Frederick KOLOGETOSouth Vella La Vella20/07/2019
249Nelson Kehe KILEHograno/Kia/Havulei20/07/2019
250Charles Fox MEKENgella20/07/2019
251Eunice PALATANorth West Choiseul29/07/2019
252Calvin ZIRUWest New Georgia &VonaVona21/07/2019
253Danson TANITOEast Choiseul29/07/2019
254Tony MAKABOLau Mbaelelea25/07/2019
255Allen Joses BAEFataleka26/07/2019
256Ben BAUCentral Kwara’ae26/07/2019
257Martin Mokolo KEALOEMalaita Outer Islands26/07/2019
258Kenneth SAGUPARINgella29/07/2019
259David Day PACHASouth Guadalcanal29/07/2019
260Timothy MANEPURIAEast Guadalcanal29/07/2019
261Daniel Sade TARAINorth Guadalcanal24/07/2019
262Samson MANEKANorth Guadalcanal25/07/2019
263Redley RARAMOEast Honiara24/07/2019
264Derick Rawcliff MANU’ARIWest Makira25/07/2019
265Mabel NUMOTemotu Nende26/07/2019
266Chris Ashley PATTYTemotu Vatud24/07/2019
267Charles Jordan MAEFAIEast Makira DECEASED
268Stephen RONISouth New Georgia INCOMPLETE
269Allan Kaihe Kilovunagi TAVAKEGao/Bugotu26/07/2019


270Heinz KONGASouth Guadalcanal INCOMPLETE