Leaked police report irks Isabel parties

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A leaked report on police investigations in the Nuha incident, Isabel province, is causing Isabel police and community leaders to be suspicious.

The report, dated February 22, 2021, is said to be confidential but was leaked to the media, and each party involved is denying being the source.

It is based on violent incidents which took place in Nuha, Katova district on January 17 and February 1 this year.

Provincial commander of Isabel police, Superintendent Leonard Tahnimana says he will lodge a formal complaint to the RSIPF professional standard internal investigations unit (PSSI).

“I am aware of that report as it was sent through me to the Assistant Commissioner Provincial in Honiara and not for public information.

“Officers when attending to any reports or incidents happening in the province, they have to compile a report and make submission of what we have attended and that was that report about,” Tahnimana said.

PPC Tahnimana also denied any police involvement with Sunshine nickel mining company, saying police were there when some people from Jejevo in Katova District, alleged to have acted disorderly in January and February this year.

However, Community spokesperson for Jejevo, Furona and Moluforu, Gabriel Manelusi said that Sunshine delegation with the Isabel PPC with some officers were drinking beer together prior to the meeting that was conducted in January this year.

He said the attitude of Police officers in Buala is pure negligence to their duty to deal with such issues happening in the communities.

Manelusi also said that it is suspicious why a police confidential report is accessed by the media.

“I will send a full complaint against the Assistant Police Commissioner Provincial, PPC Isabel and also the officers involved to the Police Professional Standard for full investigation.

“Such issues gave us no trust on the PPC Isabel and need to be removed from Isabel immediately,” Manelusi said.

Meanwhile, Police media when contacted about the incident said that police will deal with the matter.