Laws should not taken into own hand at anytime


THE Deputy Police Commissioner has called on the citizen of the county not to take laws into their own when ever confronted with any situation.

Ms Juniter Matanga made the call following the illegal strike staged by buses last week in response to reform HCC is currently imposing on buses providing public transport in the city.

In a conference yesterday she emphasised the importance of abiding to the law of the county.

Ms Matanga said the incident last week was only done by buses, but it’s a lesson other organization in the country to learn from it.

She stressed that for everyone to change their mindset and behaviours toward every situation they got-up with is very important by upholding the law at all time.

Ms Matanga said according to the law there were processes available for people or organizations to show their disappointment if consulted with rightful authority.

“And I want to encourage everyone that when they not happy with anything, don’t just go out on the road and demonstrate your frustrations.

“Because when there is no law and order it shows our society is in chaos and we don’t also have standard rule that governed the way we live and operate,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner urged the good citizen of the country to abide to the law at all time ensure the country is governed by law.

She reiterated that required criteria were there and it’s very important when people face with any situation that was not in their interest, consult the law so that they can do things lawfully.

Adding that things must also done officially, means when there is an organization is there let the organization deal with the matter and not individuals to take their own way.

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