Kitano and World Kaihatsu Kogyo joint venture lauded


A concerned citizen applauds Kitano and World Kaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd Joint Venture for the progress they have made so far in improving the capital’s main road from the new Mataniko bridge right up to Kukum road.

A Mr Tony Iroga of Malaita Province voices that they are doing a great job compared to companies who have been contracted for the same initiative in the past.

He adds that from how sees it in the context of work and duration, they are working at reasonable speed.

In addition, Iroga mentioned that even the public appreciates and can see for themselves how solid and appealing our road and bridge has come into form.

He furthers that should the government have any future plans pertaining to improvement on our roads, the same construction venture should be contracted.

Iroga emphasises the above by noting that given the experience they have already compassed having worked in the country it is likely they will be able to do so for a second time around.

“It wouldn’t be a problem for them because they have already worked in the country and will be able to adapt if they come to work on our roads again in the future,” he said.

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