Kwara’ae group says it supports MARA

Group photo of the Kwara'ae ex-combatants
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A group of Kwara’ae men who claim to be ex-combatants in the 2000 ethnic tension have voiced continued support for Malaita’s MARA government.

This group also has distanced itself from Moses Su’u, an ex-combatant from Kwara’ae who recently made headlines when he reconciled with the national government.

The Kwara’ae group held a meeting to consolidate their position on Sunday, Sept 12, at Gilbert Camp.

Their spokesman, Jezirel Mane, said they will not work together with Su’u, alleging he is involved in ‘dishonest’ dealings.

“We stand together with the Premier of Malaita Province Honorable Daniel Suidani and his government,” Mane explained.

“We will continue to stand together with MARA government and the Malaitans who supported MARA leadership, but not with those Malaitans that wants to disturb its leadership said Mane.

“Claims that Moses Su’u voice out in the media saying Kwara’ae x-combatants will not stand together with the Malaitans who want to stage any protests or petitions against DCGA gov’t is true, but we will not tolerate evil practices or work together with phony decision makings.

“It’s time to do things right for the betterment of our future generations, and not just like fools say one thing good on the other hand, but do things opposite of what they are saying.”

Meanwhile, responding to Mane’s claims, Su’u  in an interviewed said it’s time for change thus Malaitans should be ironing out differences and move the province and the nation forward.

“We should now put our differences aside and work together for the common good of the people of Malaita province, and the country as a whole.

“We are running out of time, time is very important for such developments, but if we continue to drag or disturbing ourselves with such negative approaches we will not going anywhere.”

He defends his collaboration with the national government, saying:

“Reconciliation is vital for us in such trying times, we need to come together and work closely with our national government.”