Kwara’ae chiefs revisit old laws



Kwara’ae chiefs attending the one day brief meeting on Wednesday

MORE than twenty chiefs from Kwara’ae within the central region of Malaita province have attended a one-day meeting concerning reviving the laws within the central, west and east Kwara’ae.

According to the chairman of the Taki Abu I Kwara’ae association (TAIK) Chief Francis To’otalau, the aim of the association is fundamental to restore and preserve the Kwara’ae Abu Gwaumauri (covenant) which has been the way of life or the bedrock of the fabric of moral life for Kwara’ae people from the beginning.

He said the moral, spiritual, social and economic strive of Kwara’ae people is quarantined by the restoration of the Kwara’ae Abu Gwaumauri.

The association also aims to document the Abu Gwaumauri as it has never been properly placed on record.

To’otalau added that should this be done it would be history and a treasure for Kwara’ae’s future generation.

In the past the Kwara’ae society has always been a stable, orderly and holy (Abu) society until it began to decline just before the arrival of the ‘white man’.

The decline got worse with the arrival of the white man culture.

He said this decline is due to the changes over time of the Kwara’ae religious sacrifice and religion.

The association of Kwara’ae people is formed to counteract this decline and to retrieve, restore and preserve the customs and culture and to uphold the traditional rights and practices of the Kwara’ae people today.

It is to ensure that it is being taught and practiced now to mould and reshape Kwara’ae society.

The association is an agent of change for holistic development of life in Kwara’ae society, spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, economically and politically, To’otalau revealed.

The Taik Abu I Kwara’ae called TAIK association is a body organised and established by a group of founders consisting of church leaders, chiefs, and business men who have strong concern for the moral decline and break down of order in Kwara’ae region in Malaita province.

The TAIK association is the highest traditional, customs and culture, moral, economic and political organization of Kwara’ae society.

The meeting was conducted at the Anglican diocese of Malaita (DOM) conference room.

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