Kodili festival preparations underway


THE local organising committee responsible for Isabel province’s upcoming event is in preparation to stage the Kodili Festival that is set to kick off in June at Isabel’s provincial capital, Buala.

Local organising committee member, Mr Eddie Kopala confirmed that while preparations are still in progress with the committee now in the consultation process with participants and ward, the event will take place from June 25 to 29.

The consultations are purposely to brief participants oN the activities that will be held during the festival, as well to confirm the activities they will be participating in.

Stalls and public houses for the festival village are currently in progress and are expected to be ready before the end of May.

Beautification for the events Village has also been contracted out for any interested local beautification specialised groups.

Charges for the stalls will be categorised into three different rates; $1000 for food stalls, $700 for Art & Craft and $1,500 for major companies.

Musical instruments for the event will be sponsored by Hon Steven Abana and will be the biggest system Isabel province will use for the programme.

In the meantime, the participants wards in and around the province, while preparing their items to put on show during the event whilst, other ward participants are making calls, urging their honourable to assist and facilitate them for the upcoming event.

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