KPSI strives to promote local products

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KOKONUT Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI) is currently engaged in efforts to promote its products in the local and global market.

KPSI’s sales and marketing manager, Mr Calwin Kepo expressed this to the paper yesterday.

He explained that they had held talks with Honiara City Council purposely for them to get a heads up about the fee for sales promotion around Honiara and how to go about it.

Moreover, Kepo emphasised that the main idea behind this is to raise awareness for people in in the capital who are not well versed about their products and associated benefits.

He adds that this is also about creating a sense of patriotism

“Our aim is to create a sense of patriotism where our people can be proud of our products because they are made from coconuts, our coconuts,” said Kepo.

On another note, he stated that they are looking forward to working with the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau to identify dates of tourist boats and international tourists expected in the country.

Kepo stresses that this will be a great platform for KPSI to showcase their products and promote Solomon Islands products at the international stage.

“Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI) will be able to display and market its products to international visitors.

“Such events will help promote Solomon Islands products to the international market or scene, benefitting not only KPSI but the country as a whole, particularly the local coconut farmers,” he said.