KPSI products promotes healthy living


MOST people are not aware about Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands products.

This is according to the company’s sales and marketing manager, Mr Calwin Kepo.

He stressed that they are trying to promote their products as well as publicly inform people of the health benefits their natural products have.

Moreover, Kepo said that one thing people should know is that KPSI has gone organic and is chemical free with very limited use of the substance.

“So we’re trying to promote our products in Solomon Islands so that people can purchase our products instead of buying chemical added products,” he said.

Kepo adds that with their natural products, they are also promoting healthy living and some of these products include fragrances, therapy oil, cooking oil and soap.

With regards to pricing, he explained that while some shops in the capital sell coconut oil that have a pinch of chemical, their coconut oil is natural.

“Our coconut oil is natural, it is not expensive but the price is related to the quality and the healthy lifestyle benefits that comes with it.

“Even now, overseas, people are trying to get hold of natural products,” said Kepo.

He furthers that if you are health conscious then being aware of your health in terms of knowing what you consume and what you put on your body is very important.

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