Kiribati women’s team takes home trophy

Winners for both categories stand in attention as National Anthem for both countries was played

KIRIBATI women’s volleyball team have proved too strong an opponent for the reigning champs DC as they secure three sets in a row and won first place in the SIIVA Championship.

On Wednesday the 27th, team Kiribati got crowned winners at the Rurete Compound.

According to their team captain, winning was on the agenda right from the start.

Mrs Tianteei Teena Kabwebwe said that her team have been well prepared for their clash against any other teams that stand in their way to taking home the trophy. “We have travelled this far and loosing is not an option,” she said.

“On our return we want to ensure we have something to show for what our families, bosses, sponsors and government have gone though to ensure we answer to the invitation SIIVA sent.”

When asked of the level of game participating teams have brought to the court, she said that it seems there is still room for improvement and she believed that home-ground teams have not really bloom to their full potential yet.

“I trust that the competition will be tough and so I made sure my team is prepared for whatever that comes our way.”

“Overall the competition is great and we are looking forward for another opportunity to participate sometime soon, says the happy and proud athlete.


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