Kingdom movement leader bashed and faces compensation



VILLAGERS have demanded compensation from the so-called Kingdom movement leader in Malaita last Friday at his home at Mamalade village in central Kwara’ae.

Reports say that he was also bashed up last Friday at his home, but no serious injuries were sustained.

The demand follows disagreements between the villagers and the movement leader regarding ‘disrespect based on culture and customs of Malaita’.

The leader, formerly known as their King during the height of the Kingdom’s movement early this year, is being alleged of having broken Malaita’s customs regarding disloyalty in the community.

Villagers claim that during the height of the movement’s campaign earlier this year, the leader had practised immoral activities.

“This is the shameful thing where we have claimed us true Christians but the action outcomes are like wolves among sheep.”

The villagers told this paper that more actions will be carried out for this so-called leader to solve this issue according to Malaita’s custom and culture.

The leader has been beaten last Friday at his home but no serious injuries have been reported.

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