Allegations on health care on Lord Howe Island need early investigation and remedial action

DEAR EDITOR, an article in yesterday’s Island Sun newspaper cited that one of the main villages in Lord Howe Island had been without a health centre for almost two years and, allegedly, the lack of a health centre had been the reason for many deaths during that period.

The article emanated from an exclusive interview with a former chairman of Luaniua’s health committee, David Kepangi, who went to further allege that the lack of a health centre was caused by funds misused by their leaders.

An immediate reaction to the story and the allegations made is why has it taken so long for the alleged incidences of abject denial of human rights in terms of health care and corruption to surface?

Who is responsible for monitoring and aiding medical care on Lord Howe Island and does the provincial authorities of the Malaita based Ministry of Health and Medical Services not carry out regular medical inspections?

Immediate answers are needed and perhaps a police investigation of any abuse of office by officials linked to allegations of the misuse of funds.

Likewise, it is vitally important, I believe, to ensure the village health centre is made functional as soon as possible and health services restored to the isolated communities on Lord Howe Island.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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