Keku elected Tandai paramount chief

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By Mike Puia

OWNER of Kavuare dance spot in the Kakabona area in West Honiara, Charles Keku, has been elected as paramount chief of the Tandai House of Chiefs.

The installation committee of the Tandai House of Chiefs confirmed it is planning to hold an instalment ceremony for Keku of Haubata tribe and his deputy, Mariano Mele, at Tanagai school ground on April 21.

Mr Keku collected 19 votes out of 26 votes casted by members of the Tandai House of Chiefs to take up the responsibility.

The election of Keku follows the swearing-in of 27 chiefs into the Tandai House of Chiefs. These chiefs represent five main villages inside Tandai land, the land known for playing host to Honiara city.

Secretary of the installation committee, Michael Ben, confirmed they are pushing to set their house of chiefs in order before the Guadalcanal planned land summit takes place.

Mr Ben said with the election of Keku, they hope he will also attend the summit representing the Tandai House of Chiefs.

It is understood Keku had tried in the past to get into this position.

When asked what responsibilities expected of the paramount chief position, Ben said they have no guideline spelling out the responsibilities of the paramount chief but it generally requires the person in-charge to know the culture and norms of Guadalcanal, has knowledge in solving problems within the tribe and with other tribes and ensuring that Tandai land is well looked after.

This paper was unable to get comments from Keku following his election.

The installation committee plans to present a Talina, high valued traditional shell money, to Keku while Mele will be presented with a Malona, shell money of traditional importance to the province.

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