Sex education a must

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THE latest report by the RSIPF media on the alleged sexual intercourse by a 70-year-old man with a six-year-old girl is just not on.

This animalistic act should not be tolerated and tougher sentences should be given to people found committing such crime.

No child should be mistreated in such a way.

Now and again all over the world we read stories about children being raped and even females as young as three months old being raped.

Today the world has become an unsafe for our children and that is a fact we cannot deny.

Therefore we as parents must be very vigilant in how we look after our children.

Nowadays it is not only to keep an eye our children, but to also educate them about sex.

Gone are the days where sex is a taboo topic.

Teach them on what they need to know and what they need to do should they come across such encounter.

Let them know that it is not okay for someone to touch their body in such a way.

We as parents need to work extra hard in making sure our children are safe.

On the other hand, as concerned citizens, we shouldn’t allow perpetrators to walk freely in our communities.

Should we know of a perpetrator, report him or her to the responsible authority.

So called perverts, paedophiles or child molesters are with us in society but because the works in the mind is not within our peripheral vision, we cannot judge a person’s character from the outside.

Instead, let us teach our children and everyone the art of defence, starting from the fountain of power – knowledge.

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