Katario Ward 13 MPA eyes kava and ginger


CHOISEUL Province Northeast Constituency Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Katario Ward 13, Ronald Zakele, is eyeing to boost the production of Kava and Ginger crops for his community.

Speaking to Island Sun on Tuesday sharing his vision and plans for Ward 13, Zakele who won in the recent by-election for Choiseul said for part of his program, he is thinking to hire an agriculture Officer and specialists to assist in this area.

He said cocoa and copra have been the two main introduced products for selling in the country for a long time now but have not proven to improve supporting the livelihoods of people too which is why he chooses to turn specialising in ‘Kava and Ginger’ as well.

“Cocoa and Copra are the two main introduced products in our country from generation to generation reaching us but still we have not satisfyingly achieved anything much from them in terms of money and standard improvements. Not to mention the need to address the current growing population.

“This is why I am looking at Kava and Ginger products as though they are not new in the country but no one has looked to improve in the potential services of these produces,” said Zakele.

“For that, a phase on Ginger is what I’ve heard the Member of Parliament (MP) for East Are Are Hon Peter Kenilorea Junior is dealing with also.”

Zakele elaborated for knowledge that there has been a change when it comes to dealing with Ward Grants.

He said during the previous provincial government term, it was in the Ward Grant also on looking into the needs of the Ward people in the rural areas.

“During this term when I have come up, this grant has already been taken back as the provincial government changed the system for an MPA to no longer take that money and use it as it will go back to the ministry of planning. This is one of the problems I have first met coming into power.

“Though such, I will not give up, I will not surrender, I will not have any mindset that will affect my morale towards my vision as I will still stand, struggle and make my vision be a success,” said Zakele.

“On my return I will talk with our Ward elders as we will be relying on manpower and sacrificing ourselves to achieve what we still need to improve for our livelihoods.”

It is understood that Hon Zakele will be doing three Ward tours in August, October and December but dates are yet to be finalised.

Though seeing him coming into power when half of their provincial term is already gone, Zakele said he has a 10 year plan.

“Our population production comes every night and every day. When they come, they have nothing prepared well for them too for their livelihoods though they know very well how to build cultural houses, do gardening, fishing and other areas, but to further improve those skills with modern tools and technology is what we do not have and should improve to address our living standard,” said Zakele.

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