Judgment on sexual offence case moved to May 18

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CHIEF Justice Sir Albert Palmer will deliver his verdict on the case of a man, who is alleged to have raped his daughter in 2016, next week.

The verdict was supposed to have been made yesterday afternoon at the High Court but was deferred to May 18, 2021.

This is the case where prosecution allege that an accused had sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.

Prosecution said the accused man is the victim’s father.

The allegation said the first incident occurred on August 25, 2016 when the victim went to her father’s house to have some food during school break-time; and the second incident occurred after the class prep at night in September of that same year.

Prosecution alleged that the man had sexual intercourse with his daughter twice in 2016 on different dates, at that time.

The case was reported to police in which the accused was arrested and charged with two counts of rape relating to the incident.

The accused is being represented by a lawyer from the Public Solicitor’s office.