Closing submission on traffic case soon

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THE case of a man alleged to have caused the death of another man at the Foxwood area last year is set for closing submissions at the Honiara Central Magistrate Court.

Lawyers in charge of the case will file their submissions before the court can decide on the verdict.

This is the case against Simon Peter Sonithagea, who is charged by police with one count of causing death by reckless and dangerous driving under the traffic offences Act.

The allegation says a bounty brand vehicle white in colour was driving from the eastern side to westerly direction, by a male person.

It is alleged that some witnesses to the incident said that the vehicle seemed to be travelling at a high speed by hearing how it sounded and when it approached the labour line bus stop fox-wood area, the vehicle did hit something with a loud blast sound as they could hear the sound of scratching tyres against the road, as the vehicle did fell off the road into the nearby road side drain.

Police also said the deceased man was alleged to have been drunk and incapably laid asleep on the road; unfortunately the approaching vehicle did not see him to escape the hit.

It is alleged that the accused took the forehead of the deceased as he quickly turned unexpectedly without expected movement. As a result of the unexpected twist and turn, the accused vehicle then hit the deceased’s head and actually stitched into the road side drain.

Police said at the crime scene witnesses and police came across a male person by the name of Simon Peter Sonithagea, in which he confirmed that he was the owner of the vehicle and was the driver of the vehicle at the time of accident.

Sonithagea was then brought to Henderson police station, questioned and then later charged by police for that incident.