Johnson & Johnson vaccine to save cost, reach more people: Togamana


Government says the newly introduced Johnson & Johnson vaccine will save operation costs and reach more people in remote places.

Health minister Dr Culwick Togamana says this is due to the Johnson & Johnson Janssen covid-19 vaccine being administered as a single dose vaccine.

Mr Togamana echoed this at the official launching event of the J&J Janssen vaccine during the World Immunisation week last week.

“With the introduction of this vaccination the covid-19 vaccination coverage is expected to up as it requires only one dose and considerable increase our capacity to reach more people and saving cost on operation.

“I sincerely hope with the introduction of this vaccine we should be able to increase our vaccination coverage and percentage because this will really target the hard to reach area because it is only one dose. There is no need to back again to the community that you have already delivered it because it is only one dose,” he said.

Togamana said it is the fourth covid-19 vaccine to be added to the government’s vaccination programme, increasing vaccine choice for the recipients.

He said the J&J Janssen vaccine will be offered to 18-years-old and above.

“I wish to thank the New Zealand Government for the donation of 100,800 doses of J&J Janssen covid-19 vaccine.

“I also thanked COVAX facility, GAVI and the government of Australia, the government of China, the Japanese government and also the government of United States of America for covid-19 vaccine donation,” Togamana said.    

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