Jaywalking at Chinatown bus-bay area

DEAR EDITOR, as a frequent user to this path, it becomes a great concern from the public.

That more students and the public used jaywalking as the means to cross the four main land to fast catch a bus to reach their final destination.

Jaywalking is regularly taking place during the rushing hours in the morning and in the afternoon when student and worker going for work and student go to various school in Honiara and when they returned home.

Jaywalking is risky when you cross the road without walking the right way. You can be hit by any size of vehicle driving on the highway.

The practice of Jaywalking shows a person’s negligence to his/her safety on the road. For example, answering a cell phone call or listening to a headphone while jaywalking.

It is vital for students and the public to see that such acts can contribute to accidents.

It is very important to only cross on paths permitted by the Honiara city council, for instance the overhead bridge foot path.

Therefore, it is important to avoid jaywalking whenever possible because it is too dangerous.

Jerolie Navala Belabule,

USP Emalus Campus

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