Israel, land of innovation, science: Maeaba

(L-R) Ms Java Karrie (MCTC Director ), Ms. Lie of Maskit, Hon Alick Maeaba, Ms. Ran a Suidan (Course Staff ) and Shachar Re’em (Deputy Director MCTC). PHOTO BY ITZIK YONA.
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By Mike Puia

(L-R) Ms Java Karrie (MCTC Director ), Ms. Lie of Maskit, Hon Alick Maeaba, Ms. Ran a Suidan (Course Staff ) and Shachar Re’em (Deputy Director MCTC). PHOTO BY ITZIK YONA.

THE Deputy Premier of Malaita province, Mr Alick Maeaba, has returned to the country a convinced man of Israel’s Innovativeness.

“Israel is truly the land of innovation and Science,” Maeaba said.

He said he had learned so many things whilst in the holy land with many fond memories of the place.

“My experience in Israel is beyond my expectation,” Maeaba said.

He said during his stay he attended a leadership training program and also held meetings with various government officials and stakeholders.

Looking back, Maeaba said he is happy that he had fulfilled the purpose of his visit by utilizing every minutes of his stay.

The Deputy Premier was sponsored by the government of Israel through MASHAV (Israel’s Agency for International Cooperation and Development) to travel and attend the training in Israel along nationals from other parts of the world.

He took the opportunity to express his appreciation to the people of Israel for their assistance and support throughout his stay.

“I am thankful to our Solomon Islands Government for standing Israel in the past months at the United Nations General Assembly.

“It has surely make me a Solomon Islander and a leader to be proud whist in Israel that our nation is a true friend of Israel and all Israeli I met during my visit knows that,” the deputy premier of Malaita said.

He said he wants to see this country maintaining its stand behind Israel in years to come.

Maeaba was farewelled by the management of the Golda Meir International Training Centre in Haifa, Israel.