Isabel with high girl-deaths rate

Isabel Premier Leslie Kikolo.
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ISABEL province has the highest record of girl-deaths due to cervical cancer.

Leslie Kikolo Premier of Isabel gave the above statement at the second Appointed Day celebration held in Buala recently.

“We have the highest record of girls’ death due to cervical cancer,” he said.

Kikolo said the province also recorded 70 percent of their deaths are Non-communicable Diseases related (NCDs).

“To curb these deaths, the province has managed to improve water supply with 90 percent access provincial wide, however access to improved sanitation remains a challenge and it lags at only six percent access,” he said.

Kikolo said in terms of improving health access, the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) funds has enabled the construction of three new clinics in Hoffi (Maringe district),Valavu (Bugotu district) and Koisisi village (Hograno District) and  rehabilitation of existing clinics in Kamaga, Guguha and Kolomola clinics has been carried in these health centres.

“These health facilities are equipped with labour rooms, waiting rooms and small outpatients. Communities in these locations who once used to travel miles to seek medical attention now can access them in a few minutes from home,” he said.