Isabel nickel project hits brick wall


PREMIER of Isabel province has called on the government to reconsider its hasty plans with the Isabel Nickel project.

Speaking during review consultations on the national mining policy this week, Premier Habu said the government needs to step back and study the whole component of the project before pushing to fast track mining operations in Isabel.

He stressed there are existing gaps within the legislations and that reassessment is needed by an independent body.

“The data available on Nickel are now outdated and therefore unreliable and while the price of Nickel is low, it would not serve anybody any good to rush into mining of Nickel,” Premier Habu said.

He describes the government’s rash plan to fast track mining development in Isabel province demonstrates the government’s desperation to raise money.

Sharing his views, Bishop of Isabel Diocese, Right Reverend Elision Quity warns that rushing into such development without considering the issues affecting the people is not wise.

“We must seek for what is beneficial for our people rather than rushing into this at the expense of Peace, Justice and unity,” he said.

Quity strongly encouraged the Tripod not become the subject of anger and curses in the future for the wrong decisions made.

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