Isabel mentors voiced to teach children with culture  


LOCAL organisers for the Isabel Cultural Day held at Vura have called on all members in Honiara to maintain and include the island’s culture and tradition into their extracurricular activities.

Local organisers used the cultural trade and cultural night activities at Vura to emphasise that Isabel people are unique due to their culture and tradition.

The event features diverse cultures from all ward participant groups and was a day of festivity for people of Isabel province as they took on each group with fun and joy.

There were laughter and excitement among students and families as each cultural group performed their dances in colours of costumes such as kabilatos, grass skirts, shield, axe, with an extra ordinary typical funny dancers that provide an excitement atmosphere for the audience.

Speaking during the event a participant, Darrin Tule said that Isabel’s culture and tradition is their identity.

“It is our culture and tradition that identifies us as the people of Isabel. He adds it is our culture and tradition that makes us different from other people.”

Meanwhile, the local organisers for the event are asking and urging parents of Isabel who are living in and around Honiara to teach and encourage their children about the culture and tradition whether through formal or informal education.

They also asked educators to insert the Isabel culture and tradition as an extra curriculum for Isabel children.

Meanwhile the local organisers for the event thank the forefathers of Isabel province for laying the foundation of the culture and tradition of Isabel.

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