Isabel marks anti-corruption day

March during the International Ant-Corruption Day celebrations in Buala, Isabel Province.
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The Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) has hosted the International Anti-corruption Day celebrations at Buala last week.

International Ant-corruption Day is observed globally on 09th December, however due to unforeseen circumstances, the day was marked on 17th December 2021.

Theme for this year’s International Anti-corruption Day is “Your right, your role: say no to corruption”.

The day was celebrated with a colorful march from Jejevo to Buala Provincial Assembly by members from the nearby communities around Buala and various organizations, followed by a public forum conducted by the Solomon Islands Independent Commission against Corruption, SIICAC, Leadership Code Commission, LCC, Ombudsman Office, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, and the Royal Solomon Islands Police in Buala.

Speaking during the celebrations Isabel Provincial Premier Leslie Kikolo has reaffirmed Isabel Provincial Government’s support to host the SIICAC’s provincial office in the province.

“Today I wish to reaffirm the wish of this provincial government that once SIICAC is fully established, Isabel Province will be the first province to designate an integrity office as required for by the Anticorruption Act 2018,” Kikolo said.

“The vision I have for Santa Isabel is that we utilize or maximize the proposed integrity office to implement anticorruption measures or guidelines that are key to the provincial authority on matters concerning good governance including improved financial management, procurement compliances and audits, and more importantly, having the integrity office will in a way foster a culture of transparency, accountability and rule of law within our provincial administrative structure,” he said

He said these are fundamental instrument for effective and efficient of public service delivery.

“Our people deserve better and have the right to question how the government spend their tax money,” he said.

Premier Kikolo further called on everyone to take a collective stand against corruption that hold back the country for so long.

“Corruption is a challenge that not one segment can solve. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something together. To achieve sustainable results, we all must take up the fight against corruption alongside each other,” he said.

Premier Kikolo also commended the National Government for the passage of the Anti-corruption Act 2018 and the establishment of the SIICAC.

SIICAC Director General John Kouni said SIICAC is looking forward to working closely with the Isabel Provincial Government in the fight against corruption.

Kouni also thanked the Isabel Provincial Government for hosting this year’s Anti-corruption celebrations.

Prior to the celebrations, SIICAC and other Integrity Agencies has been conducting Anti-corruption campaign around Isabel Province with support from the Isabel Provincial Government, Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, OPMC, and the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.