Isabel losing coastlines: Kikolo

Nagoibo villagers on Isabel predict that within a generation, their village will be eaten up by the sea if action is not taken to mitigate the effects of sea level rise. PHOTO ALFRED PAGEPITU
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PREMIER of Isabel Province Leslie Kikolo says coastlines along villages and islands of Isabel are slowly eaten away by sea-level rise.

He said like any province in the country, Isabel also experiences climate change impacts.

“As a way forward, there must be a well-organised lineage of both national and provincial government policies on climate change mitigation and prevention.

“The impacts of climate change are real, we are slowly losing our coastlines, while some islands are slowly turning into islets. While in land we are losing land for housing and gardening and also losing fertile soil due to soil erosion and flooding,” Kikolo said.

He said it is important that infrastructural designs, homes and other related issues being considerate of climate change and natural disasters to avoid unnecessary public cost stemming from ill-planning

Kikolo said climate change is one of the global environment pandemics.

He also calls on the Isabel people and communities to be creative and take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

“There are internal development partners who are willing to support local initiative to mitigate the impacts and I encourage you to seek out those assistance and support to prepare our communities,” Kikolo added.