Isabel imposes travel restrictions

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THE Isabel Provincial Government has imposed travel restrictions as a result of covid-19 community transmission in the country.

In a statement last night, the speaker of the provincial assembly, Lawrence Hayward said this is part of the government’s efforts in monitoring and/ or preventing community transmission of Covid-19 within its rural communities.

 He said they are currently imposing a curfew, restricting anyone and everyone from travelling to Isabel Province from 6pm (19/01/22) to Sunday (23/01/22).

“The Isabel Provincial Government urges all to observe and comply with the travelling restrictions imposed by the curfew.

“I pray that you and your loved ones are well and safe,” he added.

Meanwhile, the speaker has further appealed to the people of Isabel Province to strictly adhere to lockdown rules, regulations and preventative measures put in place by the Authorities to prevent further spreading of the Corona virus. “If you haven’t taken the jab, please do so at the earliest convenience,” he added.