IRD responds to complaints in Auki

By Mike Puia

COMMISSIONER of the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) within the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT), Joseph Dokekana, has clarified his Division’s position on complaints raised against their office in Auki, Malaita province.

Public transport owners in Auki yesterday criticised the Auki IRD office over what they claim as ‘poor services’.

Transport owners reported the IRD Auki office tend to open late and close early every day causing inconvenience to the public, especially them.

They claimed sometimes they went to the office to renew their licences they had to wait hours because no one is in the office.

They appealed to the IRD office in Honiara to address this issue as it is an issue of complacency by its personnel.

In his response yesterday, Dokekana expressed his apology to those affected, especially public transport owners who want to do the right thing in wanting to renew their licences.

He confirmed IRD has been made aware of this issue and they have identified someone to replace the officer in the IRD Auki office who is causing the setback.

“We will be sending some of our officers to Auki to identify issues of concern as well to talk to the staff concerned to account for their behaviour,” Dokekana said.

He said IRD is also aware of continually problems with its record systems especially the Transport Management System (TMS).

“We will continue to work with Information Communication Technology Support Unit (ICTSU) so that systems issues are resolved to better serve the people of Auki,” Dokekana said.

He said IRD takes these criticisms seriously and they are always contactable to receive complaints.

The IRD office is planning to set up a complaints line in the future but in the meantime it encourages members of the public who have any complaint to contact the office on phone 28245 or email [email protected].


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