Inform and not misinform: Wale


LOCAL media have been urged to always understand an issue before reporting it to keep people informed and not misinformed.

The sentiment was stressed by Member of Parliament for Aoke/Langalanga constituency when welcoming journalists and the media to “Bring the Budget Closer to Home” training at the Paul Tovua complex’s conference room yesterday.

He voiced that reporting news is a very important job and one that comes with a big responsibility.

Wale stressed that they must first understand the story they are reporting on before having it published.

He added that when they are not thoroughly informed about an issue or story and it is published, they are more likely to misinform the public than inform them.

“Be informed, ask questions and understand the subject”, said Wale.

Wale mentioned that media is a critical link to democracy in Solomon Islands.

He said democracy is based on people but if people are uninformed this makes democracy vulnerable to abuse.

Wale also acknowledged media reports about the government, noting that they support the media even when they write against them because it keeps them honest.

He reiterated his call for the media to be informed about issues before disseminating them to the people.

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