Cost of APEC trip misleading: OPMC

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    THE Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) has described a story in the Solomon Star newspaper today regarding the Prime Minister’s trip to APEC as ‘completely erroneous and totally misleading’.

    The article quoted the Public Accounts Committee Chairman and MP for East Honiara Hon Douglas Ete stating that the Prime Minister’s recent trip to Papua New Guinea to attend the APEC meeting costed the Government $2.7 Million.

    “This figure is totally inaccurate,” it said.

    The OPMC stated that the total cost was in fact $471,489.50.

    The OPMC statement said reporters must practice responsibility.

    “Reporters owe it to the reading public to tell the truth. As much as possible, reporters must check to verify their stories before reporting. In this case no one cared to check with the OPMC before publishing the inaccurate and misleading story,” it said.