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Induction workshop for community officers in Auki

MPGIS permanent secretary Stanley Pirione.



MPGIS permanent secretary Stanley Pirione.

A five-day workshop for community liaison officers in Malaita is underway, beginning on Monday in Auki.

Malaita province’s minister for community governance, Mr Fred Wai, said the workshop aims to strengthen community governance by increasing the knowledge of the community officers on the important roles that they will be playing.

“Am certain that what we will be learning here during these five days will surely strengthen the knowledge and participation skills of the participants, and will provide you guide lines on how we can work together with the provincial government and the national government in ensuring that the objectives of this project are achieved.

“We aware the Malaita MART led government have five pillars, these are Traditional governance, customary land reform, Economic investment, Education and Resources management.

The most relevant pillar he is Traditional Governance, this truly reflects the plight of Malaita government in recognising the significance and important role played by our traditional governance structure.

The Malaita provincial government truly believes that with the involvement of all stakeholders within our communities, we can surely deliver what is required for the need of our people.

Recognition of traditional governance is also embedded with the significant role played by our cultural norms and customs.

We have certain ways of managing the affairs of our people; we have certain rules where we recognise the rights of others.

We also have respect for laws and customs and ways where problem any problems encountered by our community members can be solve easily.

We have ways of solving disputes and ways of making sure there is justice and fairness promoted by our traditional systems.

I believe by investing in our traditional and existing structures, we can be sure that stakeholders within our communities can perform their job better.

If we train our youth leaders, women and our traditional leaders, am sure they can be effective in the role they play as managers in our communities.

Am happy that one of the issues promoted by this project is that of linkages and connections where we need to connect with each other in corporation and working together.

In this manner we can easily resolve issues and share in the benefits our provincial and national government is offering.

Community liaison officers, chiefs, church leaders and police your roles might be clear but am certain this induction will help you to make your roles stronger and effective.

I thank the World Bank and the MPGIS for the support for making this programme possible here in Auki.

Let me assure you that our provincial government will continue to support this community governance project in its obligation and make sure the project also spread to the other provincial wards in Malaita.

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