Imperial Travel Service wants ‘2018 Independence Cruise Pana Festival’ feedback


Imperial Travel Service Managing Director Ms Ender Rence during the 2018 Independence Cruise Pana Festival. PHOTOS BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

AS part of their continuous Improvement plans, Team Imperial of Imperial Travel Service would want to hear feedbacks regarding the last event they organized namely the ‘2018 Independence Cruise Pana Festival’.

Being the first Pana Festival held at Ngella to showcase the root vegetable’s significance to Ngellarian’s culture coinciding with the Independence Island Cruise, recent guests feedback will be very helpful for their team as they are starting to organize for the next Pana Festival and cruise said Imperial Travel Service Managing Director Ms Ender Rence to Island Sun.

“Please email [email protected] for all your feed back to help us improve in the next.

“By this you are helping us to grow and support the rural community for an inclusive economic growth and NOT only in terms of government policies to target the Sustainable Development Goals as well,” explained Ender.

She reminds that on the recent Pana Festival, the Haroro community had depended entirely on Imperial Travel Service for financial support to get things from the ground.

Guests during the 2018 Independence Cruise Pana Festival enjoying their time to taste the different recipes of Pana being prepared and displayed by the people of Ngella

“From the warriors and flower girls, the houses, shelter stalls, stage supporting the village committee and all those comes with a huge cost to make the event memorable.

“We do not have support from donors or the government to host a fancy show so we tried as much as possible to make the show as simple as possible to cut costs. So in whatever short fall or mistakes we did, we are so sorry.

“Since we are a small business trying to support inclusive economic growth for all, we promise we will do our utmost best to do better next year with your feed backs. And, we will try as much as possible to get some support this time round from donors and the government to help organise the next event (Pana Festival) since we have already proven to the world that it is ‘POSSIBLE’ without nothing or small funds.

“Thank you from the Imperial Travel Service Management.”

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