Imitation product warning

DEAR EDITOR, it is becoming concerning that importers are imitating trusted brands in Solomons Islands. Bulk Shop would like to highlight to customers and retailers that genuine Rinso laundry powder has no association to “Solkai Rinso” imported by Fangs Company.

This imitation product is made in China and visually tries to confuse an unsuspecting customer by offering a cheap shelf price. It is in fact cheap because it is not real.

Additionally Solkai Rinso is an attempt of tricky marketing ploys by using the name “SOL” in an attempt to associate the brand as perhaps being local.

This is a clear case of purposely manipulating customers into buying a product that comes in a very similar packaging but the contents are unknown.

Solkai Rinso could contain cheap harmful chemicals with no proper cleaning properties.

Rinso is a trusted laundry brand in Solomon Islands that is widely preferred for its successful stain removal properties.

Rinso is a safe quality product made by reputable global company Unilever with proper safe guards and controls.

Ultimately uninformed customers buying this imitation product may lose out.

Thank you.


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