More than 100 hospital beds needed urgently at the NRH and two provincial hospitals

DEAR EDITOR, having been appraised of an urgent need for at least 100 extra hospital beds at the NRH and at two provincial hospitals, one in Isabel and the other in Malaita, I am working closely with the Auckland based Charity Trust, Take My Hands (TMH) to secure those beds for the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MOHMS) as soon as possible.

TMH has assured me that acquiring good condition hospital beds in New Zealand that have become surplus to the needs of locally based hospitals is not likely to be a problem and at least 100 could be shipped in two 40 foot containers as soon as freight charges for the containers can be remitted.

Two 40 foot containers fully loaded with 100 hospital beds could cost between NZ$16.000 to NZ$20,000 with all handling and transportation costs in New Zealand covered by TMH.

100 hospital beds would be valued at NZ$175,000 (depreciated value given they would be pre-used but in very good condition), which would mean the beds would be 50% of what it would cost if the MOHMS had to buy new ones.

The impact on patient care, infection control, recovery time improvement, and staff morale through improved working conditions is something that is highly likely to be affected if the three hospitals could receive the beds they are needing soon.

I am therefore seeking any help I can get in raising the money necessary to cover the freight costs for two 40ft containers and the subsequent costs in relation to the handling and SIPF wharf fees when the containers would arrive in Honiara.



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