Illegal card games to be banned in West  


THE newly formed provincial government of the Western province is proving it’s here to act and not merely talk, with its latest announcement that illegal card games will be banned across all ‘government controlled areas’ in the province.

The law comes into effect tomorrow, August 1, 2018.

This decision hits hard for many who are engaged in the practice, which is usually disguised as fundraising activities.

This includes Korovou in the Shortland Islands, Gizo, Ringi, Poetete, Noro, Munda and Seghe.

Western provincial secretary Jeffery Wickham told Island Sun Gizo yesterday the Western Provincial Government has a committee that acts according to the Games and Lottery Act.

“This committee puts guidelines on the regulation of gambling – Kura. Currently it is suspected that there a number of games that contravene Sections 14 and 15 of the Gaming and Lottery Act. These games operate under the guise of raising money for community groups.

“An order will soon be given to police for the arrest of any person who contravenes this Executive Decision. These people will be prosecuted.”

The provincial government will monitor these card games daily in the province.

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