Huge Turn Out following Mayor’s Clean-Up Call

Mayor of Honiara City Eddie Siapu thanked business houses, NGOs, community and youth groups for responding to the call for a major voluntary clean in the City.

As the Head of Honiara City Council Governance, he said he is profoundly grateful for the overwhelming turn out.

“I highly appreciate your support in positively responding to my call for voluntary clean-up of our City. Honiara is our home. We live and work in Honiara so we must keep it clean.

“Despite of what happened in the past days, I am indeed grateful that hundreds of residents took part in the clean-up. There are so many of you so that I cannot mention names.”

“However, I give my big thank you to church leaders, community leaders, women leaders, youth leaders, government agencies, private sector companies and NGOs who mobilized your members to come out in numbers for the voluntary clean up. Tagio Tumas oketa wantoks.”

West Honiara youths take part in the clean-up.

“I must again register my appreciation to groups who did clean-up of Honiara City with their own initiative. I understand some groups cleaned up the City, especially China Town, on Sunday.”

“A big thank you to Fijian community, BSP Staff and others who came out voluntarily for this noble task. In addition, I must say thank you to EMCO and SRML company for cleaning the main highway in East Honiara of debris and wreckages on Saturday.”

“Thank you to the Koloale Youths for cleaning Koloale road and other groups who I do not mention. You know who you are so Tagio thank you,” he said.

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