Honiara vaccination resumes

vaccination sites in Honiara.
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Centres within the Honiara Emergency Zone will resume covid-19 vaccination as of today.

Dr Christopher Becha, health director for Honiara City Council Health sector, confirmed this in a recent press conference organised by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services prior to the recent 36 hour-lock down.

“Our vaccination centres at Kukum, Honiara City council and at Children’s Park Rove will open back to the public and resume vaccination roll-out in Honiara as of today, Tuesday 31st 2021,” Becha said.

Incident Controller for Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr Nemia Bainivalu said vaccination roll-out did not happen during the lockdown because movement was restricted.

“But definitely if in any event of community transmission, we are planning to do vaccination through the set zones within the Honiara Emergency Zone,” Bainivalu said.    

Vaccination roll-out in Honiara Emergency Zone stopped on Saturday afternoon before the lockdown.