Honiara market with new lighting


THE Honiara central market has had its lightings improved recently.

The improved lights installed include the security lights across the four corners of the market building and few other electric light bulbs within the building.

Honiara Central Market head Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga said having the electric lights bulbs installed has been another achievement of the Honiara Central Market.

He explained that having enhanced security lighting would deter intruders from breaking into the market premises.

He adds that it also brings beauty and dimensions to the market’s settings, minimises hiding spots and shadow corners, and more importantly increases the sense of safety in market venders and workers.

Mr Riunga said now the improved level of lights at the market premises will discourage unwanted activities that usually take place after official hours at night

He said, apart from this improvement achieved, his office will now focus on minor works within the market in terms of facilities, like painting.

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