DPP office expected to discharge duties professionally


THE Director of Public Prosecution has been accused of lazy and sloppy prosecution on the case against Harry Lilimae.

Principal Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi made the points in court yesterday when the prosecutor did not give any positive feedback on the case of Mr Lilimae.

Mr Lilimae was alleged of being involved in the armed robbery case on January 18, 2015.

Prosecution on previous appearances told the court that the case against Lilimae has insufficient evidence to proceed with and on previous appearance the prosecution withdrew the charge under section 190 (2) b (II) of the penal code.

Magistrate Taeburi said that the DPP cannot have the charge hanging over Lilimae when there is insufficient evidence it is now three years after the incident and nothing has been on the case.

“I wonder what evidence can be obtained after three years,” Ms Taeburi said in court.

The office of the Director Public Prosecution is expected to perform discharge its duties professionally rather lazy and sloppy prosecution.

The delay in dealing with this case is a disgrace to the DPP’s office, Taeburi added.

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