Honey bee farmers told to seek help from World Bank

Honey farmers on Ulawa
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HONEY farmers on Ulawa Island in the Makira /Ulawa province were told to seek assistance from the World bank’s Agriculture for Rural Transformation (ART) programme.

Speaking to Ulawa honey farmers during an assessment visit, Moses Suifasia told bee farmers that they need to organise themselves, form a small organisation so they can sought assistance from the World Bank through its new programme, ART.

Mr Suifasia and Matilda Tabura who are from the SIRDP ( Solomon Islands Rural Development Program) component two are doing an assessment survey with farmers on Ulawa, involved in the SIRDP’s partnership programme, Agri-Business Partnership Program through Wings and the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Center (SISBEC).

Suifasia told farmers that the survey is an important assessment as it will draw out a baseline for farmers on Ulawa.

“This assesment we are doing is very important for  farmers on Ulawa as it will form a baseline report in preparation for the World bank’s agriculture programme, Agriculture for Rural Transformation (ART) that is soon to be implemented”, he said.

 “We will also forward this report to relevant authorities so they can have background information about farmers on Ulawa”, he adds.

He also informed farmers that the SIRDP component two (SIRDP C2) programme will soon close and will be taken over by the World bank and will be known as Agriculture for Rural Transformation programme ( ART).

“The Solomon Islands Rural Development Program ( SIRDP) will dissolve soon and the World Bank will carry on with the SIRDP Component two programme under its new program,” he further added.

 He said this will be an advantage for rural farmers, especially honey farmers on Ulawa to apply for funding assistance to boost bee keeping on the island, one of Ulawa’s potential agriculture product along side copra.

He further told farmers that the World Bank’s Agriculture for Rural Transformation programme will only be implemented in three provinces, namely; Malaita, Guadalcanal and Makira Ulawa province.

“you are very lucky as the World Bank has identified only three provinces for their Agriculture for Rural Transformation programme unlike the SJRDP’s partnership program, Agri-Business Partnership Program where many provinces are involved”, he said.

“This gives you the opportunity to access funding from this programme so I recommend that you should start preparing for this new Programme and make good use of this opportunity.