THE Leader of Opposition Parliamentary, Hon Jeremiah Manele has applauded Isabel Province Youth Forum (IPYF) for organising the Isabel Youth Constituency tournament.

Speaking during the official opening of the tournament on Sunday Hon Manele said the tournament is a great initiative that will foster lots of benefits for Isabel Youth, Isabel province and Solomon Islands as a whole.

He told those present that sports is a unifying instrument that can enhance solidarity, unity and prosperity in any society.

Hon Manele said engaging youth in sport activities is a way forward to promote peace and at the same time forge greater partnership among youth for better future.

“It is equally important to engage youths in sport activities to keep them busy from involving in anti-social activities

“These activities are very important in nurturing Isabel youths to become one in the future,” he said.

Hon Manele continues to say that sport activities coupled with healthy diet can foster healthy practices for youths.

He said human health plays an important role in a society.

Hon Manele explained that a healthy society paves way for productive development not for Isabel but also Solomon Islands as a whole.

He encourages the participants to maintain peace and unity while taking part during the tournament.

Hon Manele also wishes the participants and the organising committee a good outcome and success throughout the tournament.

Hon Manele was the only Member of Parliament representing Isabel province in the current government who turned up during the opening of the tournament.

He also assisted his constituency’s team with registration fees before retiring for his other appointment yesterday.

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