Hindrance to income and employment

DEAR EDITOR, past govts tried but not harder though fully resourced by crown lawyers, political appointees, missons to solve etc.

Russell Islands Estate and Anuha- two (rua) are two important back bone of SI when they stopped but not solved by govts possibly for reasons of self-interest and govt downfall?

I wonder if Forensic Audit is same as Rua Audit (must be new!) but is simple for businesses entities at ransom and should cost very less in its timeframe.

I propose Rua Audit be used to must recover them and any others to empower income and employment with many more benefits.

For our two cases of entities at ransom I will example Russell Islands Estate.

Rua Audit has three development stages based on its Terms Of References.

Note not necessary same format for all.

Development 1:   a.   All the questions when the company started.   b.   all the prime/copies of receipts paid produced for of course proof.   c. any events of meeting support receipts etc.

Development 2:   a.   summary Activities report not covered by SIWU union unless appear again to stress point.   b.   All transaction report within SI and overseas with receipts.   c.   May be supports to a. and b. and any other operations.

Development 3.   a.   all reports and receipts from RIPEL and Govt side (may be contracted) are presented to lawyers on both side for assessment without a court. Lawyers on either side exchange notes for clarification/conclusions.     b.   Lawyers on both sides give their conlusions confirmed by receipts and any other surportive events/documents/etc. to earmarked Presiding Lawyer of High Court to assess for decision. Note all sides hold copies of each other party while each party copy goes to preside lawyer.   c.   Day of Judgement at the high court will sit to receive judgement from presiding lawyer. If a question not good in answering or copy of receipt not same by both side etc then adjournment for resubmission.

That’s my brief explanation of Rua Audit in eliminations of facts surrounding an entity at ransom.

Less court expenses, less fact time finding, no enquiries and shelf reports and should be a clear decision given.

But anyone can suggest one not also expensive and our PM and his DPM must get us moving to get more copra/oil/refined products and more tourists.

Note owning a representative ownership is true but dead to SI and RIPEL/legal landowner representative should pay SI compensation for no income/employment since stopped if he cannot develop!

Workers suffered to today, landowners no income and no country earnings since those companies stopped. That is Ransom!

Andrew T Tekirua


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