Health workers warned against charging people

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Health and Medical Services Minister Dr Culwick Togamana has warned health workers that are charging monetary fees in exchange for administering vaccination on people.

The Minister said on Tuesday that there were reports that certain health workers are charging fees to the public for vaccination.

He said these practices are illegal and encouraged people who had to pay for vaccination to report such incidents to police and health authorities so that appropriate actions are taken to stop such practices. 

“My ministry would like to issue a stern warning to any health worker found to be engaged in such illegal activities that you will be reported to the police for investigation and prosecution,” the Minister warned.

Meanwhile, vaccination in Honiara is continuing at Lawson Tama stadium and the Solomon Ports Car Park area for the public.

The Health Minister warned that any entry and spread of Omicron or any new variant will infect people previously sick with the delta variant which is rapidly spreading in the country.