Nurses to stage sit-in protest over unpaid allowance claim


NURSES in Honiara and Guadalcanal will stage a sit-in protest starting tomorrow over delays to their covid-19 allowance claims.

The action is likely to bring to a stand still health service delivery in the city and on Guadalcanal.

The proposed sit-in protest was communicated in a letter General Secretary of Solomon Islands Nurses Association (SINA) Steve Maitani delivered to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Pauline McNeil yesterday.

Maitani stated in the letter the protest would be staged to allow responsible authorities to act on the grievances of the nurses.

“The SINA Office humbly calls on the Government to expedite our concerted efforts towards settlement of this undertaking to ease our hardworking nurses anxieties especially at this critical period of covid-19 SOPE,” the letter reads.

“Not only that but time is against us, and so it is timely we remind the Government on what we have committed ourselves to deliver to our hardworking nurses in a timely manner,” it added.

“SIG had failed to respond to this urgent call for Covid-19 Allowance Review and facilitate payment accordingly, by close of business on 30th October 2020.”

Maitani said the sit-in protest would be staged at the National Referral Hospital car park.

Nurses are expected to be in their uniforms when staging the sit-in protest.

They were advised not to carry banners, posters, or clipboards; not to shout, no weapons, no music or singing.

“Just come assemble yourself there.”

Nurses are urged to show solidarity by being part of the protest.

Comments are being sought from Permanent Secretary McNeil.

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