HCC plans to provide fence and extension for Central Market


HONIARA City Council Mayor Mr Andrew Mua says the council is working on some of the issues raised by farmers at the Central Market.

He stressed that one of the issues faced by farmers at the market is having to sell their produce outside the Central Market complex because resellers dominate the inner section of the market.

Mua said that they are working on putting up a fence to curb this problem.

He however stressed that while some farmers have voiced this concern, others refuse to sell their crops inside the market building because people tend to buy crops that are sold outside the market.

In relation, Mua stated that they are considering an extension at the market to cater to farmers who are selling crops outside.

“So as soon as we secure funding for this then we will provide an extension for those farmers who are sitting outside,” he said.

When asked about the Council’s part on farmers who experience harassment for their crops by those who want to purchase them to resell, Mua advised that if encountered by such they should report the matter to their law enforcement officers who are in and around the Central Market.

He also calls on farmers to stand their ground and not give in to people who approach them for their goods just so that they can sell them at a higher price.

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