Renbel Premier questions MP Kaituu


RENNELL and Bellona member of parliament Dr Tautai Kaituu has been questioned over his media statement against mining companies in Rennell.

Speaking to Island Sun, Rennell and Bellona Premier Collin Singamoana says it is questionable why the MP has decided to speak out against mining companies in the province on the eve of the 2019 national general elections.

“The timing of the MP raises questions because he has been quiet this whole time, and when in his last few months in office then he decides to speak out on an issue which he knows will touch on the people’s emotions. I don’t buy it.”

Singamoana asks MP Kaituu where he had been when the province and people were fighting against mining in the province.

He further queries why the MP is speaking as if he is powerless to lead the fight against mining.

“How can you be sitting in the house which holds the highest power in the country and talk as if you cannot do anything about it. You are simply not doing enough.”

Singamoana says the very people who introduced the miners into Rennell were those from the MP’s ward 3, even then, Kaituu did not act to prevent the miners’ entrance.

He believes that Kaituu, in his capacity as MP and minister of the crown, could have done more than fight mining through the social media.

MP Tautai Kaituu had taken to social media last week to voice his concerns on the mining operations on Rennell.

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