Guadalcanal chief says sorry to Kiribati community members

By Mike Puia

LEADER of Foxwood community on North Guadalcanal has conveyed their apologies to members of the Kiribati community in the country.

Chief Andrew Kuvu made the apology during a reconciliation and acceptance ceremony at Foxwood community yesterday.

The ceremony marks the return of Kiribati people to their land at Foxwood – a land they were forced to abandon during the ethnic crisis on Guadalcanal in 1999.

Kuvu said the people of Kiribati are not new to them.

Members of the Gilbertese community at Foxwood, North Guadalcanal,
during the ceremony on Thursday.

“This is your old home. Welcome back,” Kuvu told members of the Kiribati community who were present at the ceremony.

He said they are sorry for what had happened which forced the Kiribati people to move out 19 years ago.

Kuvu said during the past years the Kiribati people were their brothers and sisters.

He said the ceremony will re-unite them with Kiribati people.

Kuvu, who is also the chairman of the community, said he looks forward to the time their people will join hands with the Kiribati people and enjoy their stay.

He urged his people and those in nearby communities and members of the Kiribati community who were present at the ceremony to respect and take care of each other.

Beside the chupus, the Gilbertese community also hand over money as token of appreciation to Guadalcanal tribal leaders. Photos by Mike Puia

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