Graveyard plan for Green Valley scrapped: HCC

The Chairman of the Taskforce Mr Eddie Ngava said they are aware many bus still running short route from SDA to Naha route
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HONIARA City Council is now planning to legitimize the Green Valley residential area that was earmarked to be the new site for the city’s cemetery after Kolaridge cemetery has reached its capacity.

The Green valley residential area is the allocated land by the Council for the graveyard but now HCC has decided that the site is not suitable for a cemetery. From its recent survey and observation they now find the land mass is incapable for graveyard.

This is because the underground is swampy and prone to flooding during heavy rain.

Ward Counsellor Mr Eddie Ngava said Green Valley will no longer be used for a graveyard as planned. However since the area is already populated, council will not confront people but will accommodate them.

He said HCC want to accommodate residents of Green Valley by legitimizing their stay there, and what council will do in the months ahead is to demarcate the area.

Mr Ngava said works are progressing, and as of last week their team was on site to do valuation on the area.

“Next we will be looking at legitimizing the stay of people, so if any one live in a plot land, apply for that land title and HCC will offer you premium and annual rent,” Mr Ngava said.

He also adds instead of sending people out from the area, Council’s plan is to accommodate and legitimate their stay.

Concerning the plan, Mr Ngava said Council already met and approved the valuation for green valley area.

On month’s ahead, the HCC lands officer will do consultation and survey with residents of Green Valley.

The idea is to allow people live there legally because at the moment they are illegal settlers, he adds.

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