2 years in jail for man with jealous mind


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Ricky Iomea has imposed a two-year sentence for a man found to be having jealousy problems which resulted in him assaulting his partner in 2016.

Stephen Anuka pleaded guilty to counts of indecent assault and assault causing actual bodily harm in relation to incidents which occurred on May 30, 2016.

Anuka is currently serving imprisonment of four years and six months in relation to another separate incident of unlawful wounding charge committed to another woman.

Magistrate Ricky Iomea said that sentences imposed will be served consecutively to the current sentence Anuka is serving.

Anuka on May 30, 2016 was feeding his child at their home when his defacto wife arrived from school at around 1pm.

Prosecution said he then asked his partner why she came late and the victim replied that she was having lunch as the accused will be angry when the victim did not bring any food home.

Anuka did not agree with the victim’s statement and said he will check her, and placed his right hand up the victim’s skirt to check her private part.

He then pushed the victim into their family bedroom and pushed his figures into the victim’s private part which caused laceration to the victim’s private part.

Magistrate Iomea in his sentencing said the victim is entitled to personal safety within her home and Anuka, being the husband, was looked upon by the victim as a protector.

“Instead because of anger fuelled by uncontrolled jealousy you breached that trust and became the perpetrator of the offence against her. The motive for your offending is clear that you have developed a belief that your wife was being unfaithful with other men. You then took it upon yourself to be the investigator judge and executioner of punishment on her for the perceived infidelity or unfaithfulness.

“There is no justification for the action you took.

“I note that you are currently serving a sentence of four years and six months in relation to unlawful wounding charge committed against another woman you were in a defacto relationship.

“I understand that the motive was also because of uncontrolled jealousy, I believe that your incarceration will assist in your rehabilitation and address this problem of jealousy,” Magistrate Iomea said.

The court often give consideration to the need for the protection of victims of violence, deterrence of the prisoner and others in the community from this kind of offending towards women, denunciation of actions like this, and appropriate retribution.

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