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Ministry fails us, says Tahisihaka


Guadalcanal Province Executive has boycotted a two-day meeting/training organised by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS).

The training was scheduled to begin yesterday.

GP government has presented its reasons to the MPGIS for the boycott.

GP’s Minister for Finance and Administration Andrew Tahisihaka explains his government’s decision:

“MPGSI has failed to seriously pursue and facilitate the submission from the Provincial Assemblies to the Parliamentary Entitlement Commission (PEC) through MPGSI for the review of the Members of the Provincial Assembly entitlements since 2019.

“It has become apparent the MPGIS through its policies and approach is indiscriminately targeting the Members of the Provincial Assembly by subjecting them to increasing scrutiny this is evident through the trend observed in the recent audit reports and policy direction.”

Tahisihaka added that the third point is that the current approach by MPGIS regarding policies developed and implemented is not empowering the leaders of Guadalcanal province.  

He said the fourth reason is, members of the Guadalcanal Executive strongly believe that the Permanent Secretary of MPGIS is not using the correct communication channel to discuss and address the issues raised to MPGIS by Guadalcanal.

He said the fifth point is that Guadalcanal and Malaita provinces continue to have the Federal Government System at heart as stipulated in the Townsville Peace Agreement (TPA).

“The political goal for greater autonomy, GP including Malaita and the rest of the province in the country, remains critical thus the progress towards achievement of such vision should be embraced by MPGIS in its relationship with all the provinces.

“Point number six, in relations to the failure of dealing decisively with the gazetting of the 10 Ordinance passed by the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly in 2020 is unacceptable.”

He stressed one of reason also is poor planning for the current training, the administrative function of the province has been severely affected for the past three weeks. 

Tahisihaka said the last point is Members of the Provincial Assembly are elected by the people of Guadalcanal being an elected member of the Assembly, they are vested with certain powers in carrying out its functions and providing provincial services.

Comments are being sought from the MPGIS.